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help a yank?

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help a yank?

Postby pevrs114 » Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:53 am

Greetings gentlemen,

I have been doing some research, attempting to find a product for my personal pickup truck, and thought y'all might be able to help...

I own a 2002 Toyota Tacoma (American version of Hilux), and I am trying to find a police-style radio console for in between the two front bucket seats. I am a volunteer firefighter/emt, and have a few radios I would like to mount in the cab of the truck. In the states, nobody uses Toyota Tacomas for police or emergency vehicles, but browsing y'alls picture collection, I can see they are in widespread use in Australia. Also, when I was deployed with the US Army to Iraq, I saw many Hilux's being used in government capacities.

The police supply magazines in the states have plenty of consoles and accessories for our standard complement of vehicles - Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, Ford Explorer/Expedition, even the Jeep Cherokee, but no Toyotas. Can anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a supplier of quality radio consoles to fit the Toyota Hilux? I could hobble together a "universal mount" console, but the fit and finish most likely would be poor, and I'd rather not pay the high costs to have a console custom built.

Thanks again, and excellent site... If anyone is interested in seeing some pictures of American police or fire/rescue vehicles, just let me know and I'll go take some.

Til then, here's a picture of my truck...

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Postby rgg066 » Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:46 am

Australian Police Forces collectively run a relativey small fleet in total. (when compared to the US) Not all states here even use the Hilux.

Qld uses the most, the NT has a handful and SA has just started using them in Diesel 4wd form. In total I'd guess there would be less than 200 in service accross the country as operational Police vehicles with full fitout.

Subsequently, I'm not aware of a company which specifically manufactures a console for the Hilux, as each state has different vehicle fitout requirements, due to using different siren systems & radios etc.

The emphasis is also on fitting out vehicles with minimal modification. Additional mounting brackets and fixing points for equipment & radios are produced internally to integrate with the vehicle's design as much as possible to suit each vehicle model, or holes are simply drilled in plastic interior parts to mount mic brackets etc.

Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) are progressively making their way into each state and are mounted in a way to minimise evidence of their fittment and to also make it as easy and as quick as possible to strip and resell the vehicle after it's service life, which typically ranges between 2yrs/40,000km and 2yrs 60,000km (divide km by 1.61 to convert to mi.) whichever occurs first, dependant on the state.

Basically, you would be far better off to design your own console, based on your requirements and find a sheetmetal fabricator locally to make it up for you and get the finished product powdercoated.

I know of a firm here in Victoria who had a contract years ago to make a centre console to sit in between the bucket seats of our Ford Falcon Panel Van which Victoria Police fitted out as Divisional Vans, but the cost of freight alone from Australia for such a unit custom made for your Tacoma (without even considering the cost of having it made) would probably exceed the cost of you getting it made locally in the US.

Plus you have to consider also, the gamble you are taking on the Australian vehicle being a mirror image of your left had drive US vehicle, which might not be the case.

Set yourself a task, get out a ruler, pencil & paper and design your own console. It will be far more rewarding, cheaper and less stressful that way.

Good Luck with the project!
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