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81/82 Mitsubishi Sigma Turbo SAPOL cars?

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81/82 Mitsubishi Sigma Turbo SAPOL cars?

Postby Old Mitsubishi Fan » Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:51 am

Hi all,

Quick introduction - I'm Craig from SA. A friend of mine is a newby in the SA police force and recommended I try this forum for pics and info. I have a soft-spot for Old Mitsubishi cars and specifically the 81/82 Sigma Turbo. I had one 15 years ago and recently acquired a similar vehicle in original condition. Over the years I've heard several rumours and spoken with people who claim to have worked at Mitsubishi and also Police officers who remember the cars, but have never actually seen a picture of one. It would make my day/week/year! if someone was able to show me a picture of one of the SA Sigma Police cars! If that wasn't possible, I'd love some facts on it. The most reliable information I have is a guy I spoke with recently who claimed to have worked in the Lonsdale Engine plant. He said there were 7 Police cars made and all were registered with the plates *** 001-007. He said they were 2 litres ( putting to bed the 2.6 myth ) but were modified to make them better on the highways. If anyone has any pictures or information they can share, I would be very greatful!

Thanks in advance.

Craig from SA
Old Mitsubishi Fan
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