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Holden Commodore SS (VTII)

© Martin Grant (from
Foreground: VT SS Background: AU XR8
Thanks to Sierra for this photo of an unmarked Blue Mountains VTII SS Commodore:

Holden Commodore SS (VX/VXII)

This photo is of a Manly HWP VX SS. Apparently, the vehicle clipped a concrete divider and spun out, crashing into the bus stop and the power pole. Two officers were trapped in the vehicle for a short time before being extracted by Rescue. A third officer, who was originally sitting in the rear of the vehicle, changed into another car just minutes before the crash. Both officers have returned to work. Photo source unknown.
Bugger III
Thanks to Sierra for these photos of Blue Mountains VXII SS Commodores:
HWP SS and Supervisor's Commodore wagon
Thanks to Mike and Garry from Newcastle Scan ( for these photos of a VX SS with a bike in the 'new' markings, and Australia's youngest Highway Patrol officer. This photo may not be used without permission from Newcastle Scan.

Thanks to Darren Kerr for these photos of a Kempsey SS with the new Code 3 MX7000 lightbar, and two SSs after a war protest in Sydney.

Holden Commodore SS (VY)

Thanks to Wasa for this photo:
I wasn't speeding, officer, I swear!
Thanks to Daniel ( for this photo of Waratah 206:
Waratah 206 by Daniel
Thanks to Stewart Watkins for these photos of Deniliquin 205:
Deniliquin 205 by Stewart WatkinsDeniliquin 205 by Stewart WatkinsDeniliquin 205 by Stewart Watkins

Holden Commodore SS (VZ)

Thanks to Daniel ( for these photos of Lake Macquarie 202/203/206 and Waratah 205:
Lake Mac 202 by DanielLake Mac 203 by DanielLake Mac 206 by DanielWaratah 205 by DanielWaratah 205 by Daniel