Australian Police Cars

Victoria Police

Photos by Richard Hill: Open Day 2003

Victoria Police Open Day

Photos from the Victoria Police Open Day held at the VicPol Academy, Glen Waverly, on March 30, 2003.

Toyota LandCruiser - Water Police

Toyota LandCruiser - Major Collision Investigation Unit

Holden Rodeo - Major Collision Investigation Unit

Holden Rodeo - Transit Safety Division Accident Investigation Unit

Mercedes-Benz Booze Bus - Traffic Alcohol Section

Holden Commodore Wagon - Force Response Unit Negotiator

Holden Commodore Wagon - Dog Squad

Holden Commodore SS (VX) - SMART Unit

Saab 9-5 Aero - SMART Unit

Holden Commodore SS (VY) Marked Traffic Management Unit Sedan with Mobile Data Terminal

Holden Commodore SS (VY) - Driving School

Mobile Police Station, Mobile Cells, Isuzu Truck

Isuzu Tilt Tray Truck

Iveco Catering Truck

Holden Jacakroo - General Duties

Toyota LandCruiser - Force Response Unit VKC6 Mobile Communications Vehicle

Holden Statesman Unmarked Sedan

Ford Transit Unmarked Van