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Photos by Richard Hill: 2004 Page 1

Eaglehawk Fire

Every few months, the former Psychiatric Centre in Eaglehawk, or the surrounding bushland catches fire. Three Eaglehawk CFA, two Bendigo CFA, and several Department of Sustainability and Environment fire units attended a fire on land ready for subdivision adjacent to the Psych Centre just before 6PM on 29/2/2004. The fire, which burnt fifty square metres of land, was brought under control at 6:27 PM and was extinguished by 6:43 PM. One of the photos I took of a CFA tanker was printed in the Bendigo Advertiser the following day.

Ford Falcon - Caged Truck

Bendigo Easter Festival 2004: Night Parade

Holden Commodore SS escort vehicle, and GD sedans at Lake Weeroona, Bendigo on the evening of 11/04/2004.

Holden Commodore SS (VXII) Marked Traffic Management Unit Sedan

Compare with 3rd photo to see what a difference flash can make to a photoWell I had to *something* to make a shot of a VX SS interesting...

Holden Commodore Executive - Marked General Duties Sedan

Ford Falcon Forté - Marked General Duties Sedan

Bendigo Easter Festival 2004

Various vehicles in Bendigo on 12/04/2004.

Holden Commodore SS (VXII) Marked Traffic Management Unit Sedan

Ford Falcon Forté Unmarked Detectives' Sedan

Ford Falcon XR8 (BA) SMART Sedan and Holden Commodore SS (VXII) Marked TMU Sedan

Ford Falcon XT Wagon - Neighbourhood Watch

Anniversary Day Procession

Celebrating 150 years of education in Bendigo. Various vehicles escorting the procession through Bendigo on 23/04/2004.

Holden Commodore SS (VXII) Marked TMU Sedan and Ford Falcon Forté Marked GD Sedan