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Photos by Richard Hill: 2004 Page 2

PT Cruiser and first GD VYII photos

This PT Cruiser was in Bendigo on 20/05/2004 while on loan from the Melbourne police youth liaison office. That day I also took my first photos of a VY series II Commodore sedan. Note new siren, takedown/alley lights, and rear checkerband markings.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Holden Commodore Executive - Marked GD Sedan

VYII Commodore, AUIII Falcon, and a possum!

Look for the possum in the first four photos. Bendigo Police Station, 02/07/2004

Holden Commodore Executive Marked GD Sedan

Ford Falcon Forté Marked GD Sedan

Melbourne police vehicles

Various vehicles I saw on a trip to Melbourne on 14/07/2004. Photos by Richard Hill:

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo (BA) - Unmarked TMU Sedan (Bell St)

Holden Commodore Executive Marked GD Sedan (Melbourne East Police Station)

Holden Commodore Executive Marked GD Sedan and Ford Falcon Caged Truck (St Kilda)

VicPol 'Slicktop'

My first big photo shoot for a few months, and the first with my brand-new 4 megapixel Canon PowerShot A85 digital camera. VicPol have begun a trial of marked unmarked police cars, with no markings visible from front on. The purpose of this is to make unmarked vehicles more visible from the sides and rear during UDD, while still retaining some covertness. I saw this semi at Bendigo Police Station on 31/08/2004, and was lucky enough for it to be parked next to a fully marked SS for a direct comparison.

Holden Commodore SS (VYII) - Marked and Semi-marked TMU Sedans

Ford Falcon Caged Truck and Holden Commodore Marked GD Sedan